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The Hermitage - Zen Clarity Retreat - led by Emyo Seien Darlene Tataryn - Denman Island, BC - July 7-13, 2017

Starting Date: 07-Jul-2017


Zen Clarity Retreat at The Hermitage
July 7-13, 2017
Denman Island, BC Canada
Led by Emyo Seien/Darlene Tataryn, Zen priest

Jul 7th, 3:00 pm to Jul 13th, 11:00 am (Arrival after 3pm on July 7th)


Living a conscious life is not an accidental or magical process. It is a material and spiritual art form that requires the observation and application of a scientist and the focus and steadiness of a martial artist. It requires a heart willing to open and embrace kind acceptance toward both self and other. We consciously cultivate an awakened ego function able guide our thoughts, feelings, and emotions toward our deepest intentions within the flow of Tathagatagharba, this inherent transcendental essence. We do this through identifying our innate Pure Awareness and the objects that capture our attention. With these simple injunctions we can learn to find freedom in a moment to choose our responses to self and other that are conducive to well being personally and in relationship.


This experiential retreat will overview fundamental Buddhist viewpoints and history in the context of Hollow Bones Mondo Zen Koan process. Mondo Zen is a meditation system of koan inquiry based on Japanese and Chinese Zen updated for this century and western culture. What is a koan? A koan is a question designed to bring about direct experience of awakened mind. Each of the Mondo Zen koans deconstruct and reconstruct our philosophical orientation so that we might lead a life informed by deep clarity and heartfulness as we meet our self and others in the world.


You will receive direct pointing out instructions for natural mind realization as well as clear and complete meditation instruction which lead to deep calm and life affirming insight. Your individual and group experience will include an exploration of insight, practice, and emotional koans which help us identify and work with arising feelings, emotions and mental states and their enactment. Embodiment practices such as Qi Gong are a part of our daily program.
As your Guide, I look forward to meeting you, sharing in Buddha Dharma, and offering personal interviews. Regardless of your prior experience, rest in beginners mind and a willingness to open into your deep caring and life concerns in the context of this beautiful rustic retreat setting and ocean within walking distance.


Teacher's Program Fee: 168$ +
Food and Accomodations: 300$ to 510$ based on selection.

In 1981 Darlene stepped fully into Buddha Dharma as a student of Theravadin lay monk Kema Ananda and since his passing has been a student of other valued teachers in the Karma Kagyu Nam Gyal lineage in Canada.  In the Zen tradition she has taken Jukai and in 2014 has been ordained as a Priest by 83rd Zen Patriarch Jun Po Denis Kelly into the Rinzai Zen Hollow Bones order and given the names Emyo Seien (Gift of Clarity/ Pure Circle).  Over the years Darlene has woven Integral Theory into her life and practice.  She has facilitated spiritually oriented groups and facilitated meditation programs, instructed Applied Counselling for Red River College Gimli Campus for seven years, maintains a private counseling and somatically based expressive psychotherapy practice, and enjoys being married with four wonderful, now adult, children. 

Please visit: The Hermitage to Register and find out more information.
Direct any questions to Emyo,

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