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Hollow Bones - Mondo Zen Teacher Training - led by Jun Po Roshi - Green Lake, WI - May 8-13, 2018

Starting Date: 08-May-2018


Mondo Zen Teacher Training 

Jun Po Roshi will be leading this, for the first time in a workshop format .

Impermanence touches all things without exception, including our beloved teachers.
Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi has served the Dharma and his students for over forty years
and is nearing the age of semi-retirement.
Come sit near the burning log … as Janice Joplin said, “Get it while you can!”


He is offering the first opportunity to receive his Mondo teaching transmission
outside of the regular container of a Zen sesshin.
Over five days, he’ll offer transmission of state plus philosophical and practical
experience-based education for those who want Mondo transformation for:


Teacher Training in Mondo Zen -
to offer this powerful practice to others.
Teacher Training Tune Up and update -
for priests and lay disciples who have taught or are teaching Mondo Zen, and want to update and refresh their skills.
Teacher Training to Train the Teacher Within -
for those who want to embody this teaching but are not called to teach, other than to share it in their lives.


This program is a residential retreat offered in Wisconsin. It is for meditators of all levels,
from beginners to advanced students,
however it is required that you be facilitated through the Mondo process first.

Contact to set up a session with a priest/facilitator.

Click Green Lake Conference Center to link to their site. 


Workshop fee, $ 1,200.00
$600.00 Lodging and meals
$600.00 Workshop
Almost all rooms are shared.


Enter $200 to reserve your seat, $600 for half payment 
or $1,200 to pay the full fee.
Payment Options
Credit Card - You may enroll online with a credit card.
Check  (Manual process. Save Friends of Zen transaction fees.) 
Paypal (Manual process. New option.)

Contact Kevala Deb Hoffmann,, registrar,
with questions about any of the above payment options, to set up Mondo session or any retreat questions.




If flying in, the Milwaukee airport is the best option. Try to arrive by 2 pm for the shuttle to the site.
We will try to arrange transportation for everyone to go up together (or you can rent a car for the two hour drive).





Cancellation two weeks or more prior to the retreat, either:
• Receive a 90% refund, or
• Transfer your full amount to another retreat.

Cancellation within two weeks prior to the retreat, either: 
• A 50% refund, or 
• Transfer your paid amount, minus a $50 processing fee, to any other retreat. This credit is valid for one year.

Cancellation the day of the program, or you do not show up at the site, or you leave during the retreat, no refund or credit will be given.  (Your fee will be used for scholarships.)

(Consideration will be given for emergencies.)








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