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Thursday, July 04, 2019

The Heart of Zen is the full, mature expression of Jun Po’s life work, beyond just the Mondo Process. In the pages of this book, Jun Po and Kogen (Keith Martin-Smith) explore in a lively Q &A how Mondo Zen came about, providing a background and complete context for the Mondo koans. 

Part discussion and part experiential guide, The Heart of Zen does not pull any punches. True to Jun Po’s no-holds-barred style, it takes on all of the personal and institutional challenges that led to the creation of Mondo Zen. This includes discussing, for the first time, the reasons he resigned in protest as Vice Abbot of Dai Bosatsu in 1992 - and how that experience was a catalyst for Mondo itself.

It is our hope that this book is the “Complete Mondo Zen,” including not only all of the koans and their explanations, but also a much more nuanced view of the koans themselves and how they came about.

"Jun Po Roshi’s introduction of emotional koans is a major discovery, a major breakthrough, in meditation in general and Buddhist meditation in particular. It reaches far more profoundly into the psyche than typical meditations do. Most spirituality sticks to the most evolved parts of the psyche, arising out of the neocortex. This whole area of emotionality runs so much deeper into our reptilian and mammalian brains, where the separate self lives and where the separate self-contraction lives - and hopefully dies! Most modern-day spirituality ignores these so-called more private places, the darkest corners of our humanity, often to their regret. Not Jun Po."

- Ken Wilber, Integral Spirituality


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