Cyber Sangha Practice Program

Hollow Bones Cyber Sangha Practice Program

Want more connection?
Can't make it to a retreat this year?
Need support in your 5 Element practice?
Got sangha?

Introducing ongoing 70-day practice groups to keep you focused, active 
and inspired in your spiritual practice.
  • Commit to specific 5 Element training practices.
  • Engage in weekly phone calls for support and motivation with a Hollow Bones priest.
  • Two group calls with a Hollow Bones Roshi.
  • The refuge of sangha along your path.
  • A suggested donation of $210.  Nobody turned away.
  • New programs begin in January, May and September.  Contact Engo for exact dates.

Requirement: All participants must have been facilitated through the Mondo Zen process at least once.  This can be either at a retreat or with a priest/facilitator in person or via Skype.

If you are interested or even curious, contact Engo Michael Jackson for more details.